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Adrian Jurek

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Our offer


• GIS inventory

• audits

• lighting measurements

• Lighting management

• luminance measurements










We offer specialized experience in GIS auditing, field data acquisition and LED conversion services.

"Human creativity is the ultimate economic resource" - Richard Florida

Alternate output formats


We have the ability to export data to the format desired by the client.



Measurements are made in static mode with a standard deviation up to 50 cm.


Reliable service


Using the best equipment and software we provide comprehensive service.

Lighting management


Having data about objects and their GPS location, it is possible to update them in the lighting management program.

Progressive edition


We introduce modern editing techniques. Full freedom in the number of attributes and the ability to edit other variables.



We provide complete documentation (with photos) of the measurements made.

Over 38000


inventoried objects.



completed projects.



drunk coffees.

The highest quality equipment !




This device is a luxmeter and we are able to precisely determine the necessary amount of light in the home, work, hospital, school, etc., as well as to control individual parts of the lighting. A handy meter equipped with a movable light sensor. The device has a European Declaration of Conformity.

In the field



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