measurements of lighting intensity and luminance on selected road sections.





    audit includes:



  • Assessment of the lighting infrastructure
  • Applications from the inventory
  • Overall assessment of the lighting condition in the city
  • Suggestions for modernizing lighting
  • Lighting project (future lighting)
  • Technical analysis of lighting in terms of reducing electricity consumption
  • Comparison of the power of lighting systems before and after modernization
  • Estimate the costs of the proposed changes
  • Analysis of operating costs before and after modernization

2. Extended Inventory – same as "Simplified" + contains the following informations:


  • road type (single-carriage, dual carriage, different)
  • power point
  • number of circuits
  • power transformer
  • type of transformer station
  • line type 
  • type of power cords (AL, YAKY, ASxSn, YKY)
  • counter number
  • type of control clock
  • tariff
  • ownership of objects
  • state of the facilities
  • photos and other attributes of the Customer's request.


The collected data allow to make combinations of the lighting structure by many criteria.


1. Simplified Inventory – contains the following informations:


  • city
  • street
  • co-ordinates X,Y of poles
  • distance between poles
  • height of the mounted light
  • type of light (sodium, mercury, incandescent, LED, other)
  • power
  • arm length
  • distance of the pole from the edge of the road
  • width of the road
  • type of surface (asphalt, ground, others) 




    The most important task during the lighting audit is an inventory. Taking into account the scope of collected data, we offer two types of inventory:




Our offer


• GIS inventory

• audits

• lighting measurements

• Lighting management

• luminance measurements


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